Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear lifters and officials,

The year is nearly at an end and looking back on it we can say it has been a great year for the IPF. We have moved forward in so many areas which we have kept you all informed of, however I want to reflect on a few things here.


As in previous years, we had a lot of lifters take part at both the Equipped and the Classic World Championships. This proves that we are responding to the needs and wants of our athletes, ensuring lifters have...

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Dear lifters, dear officials,

We are now very close to the 2016 World Open Powerlifting Championships held from 13th to the 19th November in Orlando, Florida USA.
Thirty-nine nations have nominated 255 lifters - 145 Men and 110 Women.
This is an extra special Worlds as it is the qualification event for the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw/Poland.
I am sure that all the lifters taking part at this Worlds will give their very best in order to qualify for the World Games which will make for some...

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Dear all, at the IPF World Master Powerlifting Championships the IPF was visited by NOC President for Estonia Urmas Sõõrumaa! Mr. Sõõrumaa had a meeting with the IPF President Gaston Parage and was very happy about how the Championships was run and how the IPF is moving forward in the quest for IOC recognition!


Gaston Parage

IPF President

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IPF Officials were invited to IOC Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland to progress our application for IOC Recognition.

President Gaston Parage and Secretary General Robert Keller took the opportunity to present the latest IPF developments in person to the IOC Sports department.  Ongoing updates will be provided as our application continues to progress through the IOC process.

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Dear friends on Facebook, dear lifters, dear officials,

This weekend we will reach 300, 000 likes on our Facebook fan page.

Last year in May we had 25, 000 likes and in the space of 14 months we now have 300, 000 likes.
This is fantastic and very important for us and we want to continue growing our social media presence!


So I ask those of you who have not yet liked our page to please do so and help us achieve 500, 000 likes.
Please share our page with all your Facebook friends so they can...

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you are curious about how the 1st University Cup went and how was
Minsk and the Belarus Powerlifting Federation BPF, as it was the first time
for both.
I hope you enjoyed the photographs on facebook and the video streaming on
Youtube but I am also happy to give you some extra feedback.

The first University Cup in Minsk was very well organized and the organizer
spent a lot of money to make sure the lifters had the best conditions and of
course as preparation for the...

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Dear lifters, dear officials,

It is with a great pleasure that we announce that the 1st University CUP will be held from 12 to 16 July in Minsk, Belarus under the patronage of FISU.
FISU is the umbrella Federation for the University Games. Our goal as IPF is of course to become a member of FISU and to take part in the University Games.
For us, university sport is very important as it is wonderful environment to introduce potential new lifters to our great sport. 
It is good to see that 18 Nations...

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It is my sad duty to announce that the former president of the Danish Powerlifting Federation, Mr. Helge Laursen, passed away on 1st of July at the age of 66 years.

He was president of DPF for two long periods.

He represented Denmark at many congresses in the IPF and the EPF. He was also an international lifter and coach. He was an International Cat 1 referee and was present at several championships every year.

He will be missed in Denmark and by many friends abroad. The good memory of Helge...

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