Technical Rules

Technical rulebook valid from January 1st 2023 (English version)

Technical rulebook valid from January 1st 2024 (English version)

Technical Rulebook

English version

Latest Update

Chinese version (traditional) 01.01.2024
Chinese version 01.01.2023
Czech version 01.01.2021
Danish version 01.01.2024
French version 01.01.2024
Greek version 01.01.2024
Icelandic version 01.01.2024
Latvian version 01.01.2021
Norwegian version 01.01.2021
Polish version 01.01.2023
Portuguese version 01.01.2021
Portuguese version 01.01.2024
Russian version 01.01.2024
Serbian version 01.01.2023
Spanish version 01.01.2024
Swedish Version 01.01.2024

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