Dear members, colleagues and visitors to the IPF web page.

It gives me great pleasure to confidently declare that the International Powerlifting Federation continues to grow from strength to strength as an acclaimed international sporting federation. In all areas of our endeavor; anti-doping, ethics, equality and access for all, coaching, rules and standards, media coverage, event management – we have advanced forward for the betterment of our athletes, the progress of our sport and the achievement of our goals. 

Competitive  Powerlifting is the sport of strength. The powerlifts; squat, bench press and deadlift  are increasingly being recognized as principal exercises in the development of an individual's true strength and contribute greatly to bodily health and general well being. These lifts are popular training activities exercised in gymnasiums throughout the world, with men and women of all ages being able to relate to, and enjoy them. Furthermore, the powerlifts have been shown to be beneficial in general health and fitness programs as well as improving individual's performance in other sports and the activities we enjoy in life.  

The IPF has taken it's role as the premier global powerlifting federation very seriously and we have worked diligently with our sporting partners and associates to become a responsible, high quality organization for athletes committed to drug-free, high-standard competition.  

In 2016, one of several areas we have specifically focused upon, has been expanding the quality and range of our media activities. We invite you all to access and enjoy our media options such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and to help us to publicize our sport in a positive manner. Our vision is to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful athletes, to showcase the quality of our competitions and continue to expand the popularity of powerlifting – the strength sport. 

Long may our sport progress and rise up! Together, with strong values and dedication, we do it!

Best regards

Gaston Parage
IPF President 

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