IPF Hall of Fame

As Provided by Arnulf Wahlstrom, IPF EC Board member for Europe

Hall of Fame: There shall be an honorary body titled the "IPF Hall of Fame". Its purpose shall be to honour members who have made an outstanding contribution either by way of lifting achievement or service in general to the sport of powerlifting internationally. A maximum of three lifters and two, male and female, official may be elected to the Hall of Fame each year but with the added provision that not more than three from each gender may be elected in the same year. A certificate of achievement will be awarded. No one who has been involved in drug offences or has been suspended for a doping offence shall be proposed to Hall of Fame. Any lifter or official previously awarded Hall of Fame will lose this distinction if suspended by IPF for doping or any other violation.

The Executive decides prior to the IPF Congress, after having received bids from the member nations, whom will be awarded Hall of Fame. The appointed person(s) will be honoured at the Congress.

2020 Hall of Fame:

Johan "Hannie" Smith (RSA) - Male Official

Myriam Busselot (BEL) - Female Official

Tetyana Melnyk (UKR) - Female Lifter

Andrei Konovalov (RUS) - Male lifter


Year Official Female Lifter Male Lifter
1978 Bob Hoffman (USA) - Ron Collins (GBR)                    
Larry Pacifico (USA)
1979 Clay Patterson (USA) - Hideaki Inaba (JPA)
Precious McKenzie (NZL)
1980 Vic Mercer (GBR) - Lamar Gant (USA)                   
Don Reinhoudt (USA)
1981 - - -
1982 Jan Todd (USA) - Eddie Pengelly (GBR)         
Walter Thomas (USA)
1983 - - -
1984 Manojit Bose (IND) - Kenneth Mattson (SWE)
1985 - - -
1986 - - -
1987 George Leggett (GBR) Bev Francis (AUS) Tony Stevens (GBR)
1988 - - -
1989 Gren Elmore (GBR) - -
1990 Wouter van der Toorn (NED) - -
1991 Arnold Boström (SWE) Ruthie Shafer (USA) -
1992 - - -
1993 John Moody (GBR) - -
1994 Toni Sundjaja (INA) - -
1995 Heiner Köberich (GER) Cathy Millen (NZL) Andrzej Stanaszek (POL)
1996 - - -
1997 - - -
1998 Grahame Fong (NZL) - -
1999 - Anna-Liisa Prinkkala (FIN) -
2001 John Stephenson (GBR) - -
2002 - - Jarmo Virtanen (FIN)
2003 Bill Jamison (CAN) - -
2004 Gaston Parage (LUX) - -
2005 Kalevi Sorsa (FIN)   -
2006 Detlev Albrings (GER) Chen Yueh Chao (TPE) Brad Gillingham (USA)
2007 Norbert Wallauch (AUT) Raija Koskinen (FIN) Hiroyuki Isagawa (JPN)
2008  Subrata Dutta (IND) Inger Blikra (NOR) Mike Bridges (USA)
2009 Arnulf Wahlstrom (NOR) Priscilla Ribic (USA)  
2010 Dennis Unitt (GBR) Antonietta Orsini (ITA) Konstantin Pavlov (RUS)
2011 Lawrence Maile (USA) Wei-Ling Chen (TPE) Kenneth Sandvik (FIN)
2012   Yukako Fukushima (JAP) Jaroslaw Olech (POL)
2013      David Ricks (USA)
2014 Robert Wilks (AUS) Larysa Soloviova (UKR)  Anibal Coimbra (LUX)
  Peter Fiore (AUS)    
2015     Wade Hooper (USA)
2016 Alan Ferguson (RSA)  Ielja Strik (NED) Daiki Kodama (JPN)
2017 Dietmar Wolf (NOR) Inna Filimonova (RUS) Jan Wegiera (POL) 
  Ralph Farquharson (ESP) Gundula Viona Von Bachhaus (GER)  
2018 Eva Speth (GER)    
  Johnny Wiklund (SWE) Ana Rosa Castellain (BRA) Tsung-Ting Hsieh (TPE)
  Dr. Josephine Ip (HGK)    
2019 Robert Keller (USA)

Jennifer Thompson (USA)
Natalia Salnikova (RUS)

Hassan El Belghiti (FRA)
2020 Johan "Hannie" Smith (RSA)
Myriam Busselot (BEL)
Tetyana Melnyk (UKR) Andrei Konovalov (RUS)


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