Sheffield 2024

Dear powerlifting friends from all over the world.

Sheffield 2024 was once again a great spectacle. Last year was already fantastic, and this year SBD has taken it up a notch. 2200 people saw these wonderful performances by our athletes in Sheffield. The hall shook with the cheers for the athletes and each and every one was cheered on. If I am correctly informed then no fewer than 51 new world records were set, and most of them were set by the women. This was certainly a big advertisement for our women, who showed once again that they can do it just as well as the men, if not better. The men also put on a great show and caused a surprise. I won't go into detail about the individual athletes here – no spoilers!

I would like to thank our athletes for this great show and the fantastic performances. It was powerlifting at its finest and so exciting that it carried away the audience and they joined the party with thunderous applause. Thanks to the spectators who helped make Sheffield 2024 a great success. Thanks to SBD and their team who made everything organizationally possible. Thanks to the IPF officials and the referees.

This is all a collaboration with the IPF, which has built everything up over the years to bring the sport of powerlifting to such a high level and, with SBD, has made it possible to offer the athletes this platform. A very big thank you goes to SBD for organising this huge celebration of powerlifting and for contributing so much to this project, so that the best of the best can win big prize money.

Thanks to Benjamin Banks and his entire team. We're already looking forward to Sheffield 2025

Best regards
Gaston Parage
IPF President / IPF Executive

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