Strategic Plan

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Dear friends and family members of the Powerlifting community:

The world of the organised sport is changing fast and the future of sport brings many challenges on all fronts.

In an ever-evolving surrounding which sometimes does not seem to let any stone unturned the IPF will more than ever focus on topics like good governance, credibility, sustainability and youth appeal of the sport of powerlifting - always with a priority and an eye on the athlete. Representing one of the most accessible sport for all age categories and providing lifters on the globe with many opportunities to exercise the sport, may in be on high-competitive level or simply as sport for all, IPF strives to set an example how inclusive the sport of powerlifting can be. 

Since the previous editions of the IPF Strategic Plan (2012-2014 and 2015-2018), the IPF has continued to grow and develop to a material extent and has put a lot of energy to find partnerships and solutions for the main target of our organisation: to join the Olympic Movement and help our sport to find its place in the rank of the most appealing strength sports. We are convinced that our sport has tremendously gained strength by the recognition process by the International Olympic Committee already and this will lead to a success story quite soon.

Encouraged by the rising popularity of the sport of powerlifting we move on to a new approach to position IPF as most inclusive Sport for All. This includes projected partnerships with the International Paralympic Committee and TAFISA, the leading world Sport for All organisation to further promote the image of powerlifting as sport for all age categories.

In a vow to keep up our good governance structures we have further promoted the integrity of our sport, the safeguarding of our athletes, the sustainability of our events and the positioning of the youth appeal of powerlifting.

It goes without saying that IPF also will acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment and fight the climate change through IPF policies for our competitions and events. The world of organised sport is changing and if we do not manage this change, the change will manage us!    

Our core values of leadership, integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and fellowship will guide the way we approach our missions, while being ever mindful of our vision:

The IPF will lead the sport of powerlifting to a position of respect in world sport, by providing quality competitive opportunities, promoting powerlifting globally and leading by example in terms of integrity, efficiency and inclusiveness.

I invite you all, IPF member federations, clubs and other stakeholders, partners and athletes, officials and participants throughout the sport, to join us in this effort to make the world a little bit a better place through powerlifting.

Yours sincerely


Gaston Parage
IPF President

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