Final Words for 2022

Dear lifters, officials, and friends of powerlifting,

As 2022 draws to a close, I feel pleased that it was indeed a better year for powerlifting than the previous pandemic years.

Across the Regions and the IPF World Championships, more lifters were able to participate, and we witnessed fantastic lifting performances at very well organised and presented championships. I congratulate all of you on your big effort to restart powerlifting, the results this year are a credit to one and all.

I had the pleasure to attend the final major event of 2022, the Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship in Dubai, UAE and address their General Assembly Meeting. I was impressed with the steps that have been made to progress the region and the commitment the member nations are demonstrating to improve the quality of their participation within the IPF. Naturally, improvement is a constant process, so identifying priorities and working diligently towards them will yield the results we are all looking for.

This Championship in Dubai attracted some 500+ lifters with a record 29 participating nations in attendance. This is the first time in history that such numbers have been seen at an Asian Powerlifting Federation Championship and really shows that this Region is growing very well.

The overall organisation and presentation of the event was world-class, and the live streaming attracted a record 200,000 views on YouTube. Several very high-level dignitaries visited as well as local media outlets. It is pleasing to see the Asian Region improving like this, and we are excited at what the future holds for this dynamic and diverse region.

The Asian Powerlifting Federation voted in a new Secretary General, Tatian Romanova, so I welcome her to the role in this rapidly growing and improving region and thank her in advance for the work I am certain she and the entire APF Executive will put into progressing the region in 2023.

In closing, I thank everyone for their support and faithful effort this year to rise out of the disruption and devastation of world events from the last years. I pray all of you remain safe, healthy, and strong. Set your priorities for 2023, work hard towards achieving them and we will all enjoy the success.

Best wishes

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