It is with great sorrow that we received news that Mr. David Tanas from the Hungarian Powerlifting Federation has passed away suddenly this past week.

David was an IPF Category 2 Referee, as well an…

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Please see this  link - to book a training spot during the World’s.

There will be one rack in the hotel gym of the Intercontinental Hotel. With booking the…

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Due to the huge numbers nominated for the IPF Classic Worlds in Malta, we need to adjust the lifting schedule.

The most significant change will be that the women's 84kg class is moved from Sunday…

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Recently, Eurosport invited a delegation from the IPF to visit the Eurosport Headquarters in Paris. This comprised IPF General Manager, Emanuel Scheiber, Media Team Manager, Eric Rupp and IPF…

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Mrs Wang Yan, Secretary General of the Chinese IPF affiliate, China Powerlifting, recently visited the IPF Headquarters in Luxembourg to meet with Gaston Parage, IPF President, and Emanuel Scheiber,…

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IOC Programmes

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Athletes Learning Gateway

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Olympic Athletes Hub

Presidents Corner

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Open Classic Powerlifting Championship 2023 will be the biggest in IPF history.

With 65 member nations taking part and over 400 lifters, 37 referees and 257 other officials, this is the largest and most diverse participation in any Open Classic World Championship ever. We look forward to meeting all attendees there for what is sure to be an unforgettable event.

Eurosport will live broadcast two entire Prime Time sessions, as well as showing highlight packages that will cover the entire event.  This is sure to push our viewership higher than ever.  Across the Olympic Channel and Eurosport platforms, we have had some 15 million views so far and we look forward to many more.

Our high quality and entertaining competitions have become more popular worldwide and there are increasing numbers of lifters from more and more countries striving to attend and compete. The number of new countries joining the IPF is still growing, and this is…

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