2024 IPF World Bench Press Championships

The World is Coming to Austin, Texas!

Friends, it is time to saddle up!! Nearly 1000 of the strongest female and male athletes from 60+ countries will converge on Austin between May 21 and June 1, 2024, to determine who has the strongest bench press in the world! Athletes ranging in ages from 14 to 80+ will participate in the World Championships.

The event will be directed by Powerlifting America and the International Powerlifting Federation. Visit Austin and Eleiko USA have also signed on to direct and support this prestigious event.

Gaston Parage, the President of the IPF said, “we’re very excited to come to Austin for the World Bench Press Championships, and I want to thank Powerlifting America, our VIP Partner Eleiko, and, most importantly, our friends from Visit Austin, for all their support. I’m sure it will be a great show.” 

Information pertaining to 2024 IPF World Bench Press Championships can be found at the following two links: www.powerlifting.sport and www.ipfworlds.us

About Powerlifting America 

Powerlifting America is the National Governing Body for powerlifting in the United States and is dedicated to the promotion and the support of amateur drug-tested powerlifting. The mission of Powerlifting America is to support United States athletes to achieve excellence in local, national, and international competition, and to support, promote, and educate a diverse and inclusive community of powerlifting. 

Information pertaining to Powerlifting America can be found here: www.powerlifting-america.com

About Eleiko USA 

As one of the longest-running companies in strength, Eleiko is a testament to the stability gained from being a family business. Our relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers span generations. Staying true to our roots, we’ve never wavered from delivering precision crafted strength equipment. 

Information pertaining to Eleiko can be found here: www.eleiko.com

About Visit Austin 

Visit Austin has the best job in town. We're here to promote all of the things in Austin that people are already talking about. This city has a one-of-a-kind culture and universal appeal, and we want to make sure people know about it.

Our mission is simple. Visit Austin is charged with marketing Austin nationally and internationally as a premier business and leisure destination, thus enriching our community's overall quality of life. Information pertaining to Visit,Austin can be found here: www.austintexas.org

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