Dear athletes, coaches, officials and referees, 

I'm preparing this message out of general concern for our athletes. At this World Classic and Equipment Bench Press Championships scheduled for Tokyo during May, this will be the first time an athlete will be able to compete up to four times. As an example, an athlete may compete in the Classic Open and Junior Championship and then lift in the Equipped Open and Junior Competition. Imagine if a team that normally attends with 32 lifters, now only comes with 8 lifters that compete 4 times each. 
This technical rule, allowing athletes to enter multiple divisions was passed at the General Assembly this past November in Halmstad, Sweden. I personally feel and so does the executive this rule was not carefully thought out. 
The team sizes shall be reduced significantly and there are serious health concerns that have been shared by both the Coaches and the Coach Commission. Overall we feel this is not in this best interest of our sport. Therefore, the IPF EC shall make a proposal at the Extraordinary Congress to overturn this rule. 

I thank each of you for your understanding. 
To close, I wish the Japanese Powerlifting Federation much success with the organization of the championships. I also would also like to wish the athletes and coaches the good luck in the competition. Also, I would like to render my special thanks to all of the referees, in advance, for attending the competition. 
Finally, my heartfelt thanks to my colleagues on the IPF Executive for your support. 

Kind and sincere regards, 

Gaston Parage 
International Powerlifting Federation 

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