Championships & General Assembly safety

Dear friends of the IPF,

I trust this message finds everyone well and in good health!

As everyone knows, we’re still battling the COVID-19 pandemic in nearly all countries in the world, with some of them being completely locked down for an indefinite period of time.

Relatively soon, international flights shall resume and I remain confident, together, we’re going to pull through this fairly soon within the next few months. We just need to remain positive, follow the rules and guidelines that are place, and if all goes well, we shall proceed with the remaining IPF World Championships we’ve reschedule for the fall of this year.

Important, if your lifters want participate in either Classic, Bench Press and/or Open World Championships, we understand the athlete performances may not be at their best due to the lack of quality training time. However, what is important is that our lifters come and participate at the championships safely. We understand the limitations they’ve been faced with in their training and preparations. Therefore, the training and competition preparation should be programed and planned, carefully, to realistic expectations.

Currently, the IPF is working on competition strategies to preserve the health and safety of the athletes, coaches, referees and staff. The initiatives will be mandatory to ensure the safety of everyone. It is our objective to decrease the spread of the virus and maintain the health and wellness of everyone that will be attending. The guidelines and restrictions shall also concentrate on reducing the size of large gatherings together with other athletes, coaches and officials.

Of course, if we follow the COVID-19 medical guidelines, then I don’t see a problem, at all, with the direction of our remaining championships. Concerning the General Assembly that will be held before the start of the World Sub-Junior, Junior and Open World Championships, during November, only one representative will be allowed, per member nation, shall be able to take part. Member Federations will be required to nominate their delegate in advance. Badges will be prepared for each representative that attends the General Assembly. The attendance of delegates shall be strictly enforced to ensure the safety/security for all representatives. The guidelines will be finalized and sent later this week.

To close, I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s World Championships. Take care and remain in good health my friends!

Sincerest regards,
Gaston Parage
International Powerlifting Federation

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