World Equipped Championships 2021 - 105kg class

The 105kg class kicked off Day 5 of the World Open Championships in Stavanger, Norway. This was a three way dance from the start between the reigning world champion, and two multiple time junior world champions – one just moved up to the open and the other a second generation lifter that’s been absent from international competition for a little while.

Danylo Kovalov of Ukraine impressed with 3/3 squats, finishing on 405kg and Ian Bell of USVI looked great, also getting all his squats in and finishing on 395kg. Veteran campaigner Sergei Mashintcov of ROC lost his balance on his opener though and ended up behind the other two with 390kg.

Tumenjargal Dashzegve took the bench gold and set a new world record with 325kg but wasn’t really in contention in the overall competition. Mashintcov struggled for a touch and ended up with only his 260kg opener. Kovalov managed 302.5kg for the silver medal but Ian Bell dropped to 5th place with 252.5kg.

However, as expected, Bell bounced back into contention with his massive deadlift. He opened with 365kg which moved him into second when Mashintcov overextended at the top of his deadlift and fell backwards. Kovalov looked superb with his first and second and pulled clear when Bell’s second of 377.5kg was failed for soft lockout. Bell attempted a world record of 388.5kg but it was not on the cards for today and he had to settle for the bronze. Mashintcov however, added an incredible 40kg to his second attempt and showed true grit and determination to pull 360kg and move into second place.

Kovalov missed 340kg for his third but he didn’t need it to become open world champion in his first worlds out of the juniors. We will be seeing this young lifter on the top of the podium for many years to come I’m sure.

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