Team Germany - Powering up for a strong future

With the separation of weightlifting from powerlifting in Germany in recent years, German powerlifting is in a position to redefine its identity, focus on its own goals and create a strong future.

National Head Coach, Francesco Virzi has a vision to return German powerlifting to its glory days of the late 1980’s with strategies aimed at achieving the long term goal of a much bigger, stronger German Open Powerlifting Team.

One of long term goals is to have the German Open team in a strong position ready for the 2021 World Games, by developing young lifters now.

Assistant Coach of Open class and Head Coach of Masters class, Rolf Hampel says that with Virzi as Head National Coach, German powerlifting is more organized, more disciplined and the athletes are benefiting from better quality coaching.

Virzi explains, “In Germany we have started a multi-level coaching licence from the German National Olympic Committee. This is helping German Powerlifting to identify new coaches with a new mindset. We need a long term focus on our athlete development, not just focusing on training an athlete for the next competition. So we are trying to build up a solid base of qualified coaches at club level in order to then create a quality powerlifting coaching team. We are looking to attract more athletes into powerlifting and focus on creating technical excellence in our powerlifters.”

“German equipped powerlifters are already improving as a result of our efforts as evidenced by a bigger and better team at World Open Championships in Luxembourg this year.” Hampel says. “we are already seeing a surge in the numbers of young powerlifters, definite improvement in their lifting technique and they are achieving better lifting results.”

“Raw lifting is also very popular in Germany because lifters do not have to spend a lot of money on the suits especially just to test if it works for them or not. We are seeing big numbers in the raw powerlifting format as well.” Hampel explains.

Aside from attracting more lifters to powerlifting, improving coaching, concentrating on technical improvement in lifters and working towards future World Games, Virzi is also conscious of developing a positive team culture. “I’m looking for more team spirit and team cohesion. We want to see some positive role models from within the team to help foster a strong sense of comradery and friendship, so that team members feel close and supported by each other.”

With these deliberate and focused strategies, we look forward to a revival and resurgence in German Powerlifting in the years to come.






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