IPF 2018 Classic World Rankings on Wilks points 
Powerlifting Men Powerlifting Women
Bench Press Men Bench Press Women
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar:
Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik International Games Classic Powerlifting 28.01.2018
Columbus U.S.America Arnold Sports Festival 02.-04.03.2018
Helsingborg Sweden European Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships 06.-10.03.2018
Oshmiany Belarus European Classic Cup 23.-25.03.2018
Tartu Estonia SELL Student Games 19.05.2018
Vantaa Finland Worls Open, Sub-Junior & Junior and Masters Classic Bench Press Championships 14.-19.05.2018
Johannesburg South Africa Arnold Classic Africa 18.-20.05.2018
Calgary Canada World Classic Powerlifting Championships for all age categories 06.-17.06.2018
Pilsen Czech Republic World University Powerlifting Cup 08.-15.07.2018
Guayaquil Ecuador South American Classic & Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships 03.-07.07.2018
Mexico City Mexico North American Classic Powerlifting Championships 01.-04.08.2018
Merignac France European Open and Sub-Junior & Junior and Masters Classic Bench Press Championships 09.-12.08.2018
Hamar Norway Western European Powerlifting Championships 14.-16.09.2018
Akureyri Iceland Nordic Sub Junior & Junior Classic Powerlifting and Classic Bench Press Championships 21.-22.09.2018
Dubai United Arab Emirates Asian Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships 18.-24.09.2018
Barcelona Spain  Arnold Classic Europe 28.-30.09.2018
Belgrad Serbia Balcan Classic Powerlifting & Bench Press Cup 12.-14.10.2018
San Jose Costa Rica North American and Pan-American Classic Bench Press Championships 25.-27.10.2018
Meknés city Morocco African Classic & Equipped Bench Press & Powerlifting Championships 17.-20.10.2018
Gold Coast Australia Oceania Regional Powerlifting Championships 24.-25.11.2018
Kaunas Lithuania European Open and Sub-Junior & Junior Classic Bench Powerlifting Championships 24.11.-02.12.2018
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships 04.-08.12.2018