IPF 2017 Classic World Rankings on Wilks points 
Powerlifting Men Powerlifting Women
Bench Press Men Bench Press Women
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar:
Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik International Games Classic Powerlifting 29.01.2017
Columbus U.S.America Arnold Sports Festival 04.-06.03.2017
Thisted Denmark European Open & Sub-Junior & Junior Classic Powerlifting Championships 12.-19.03.2017
Killeen U.S.America World Open, Sub-Junior & Junior and Masters Classic Bench Press Championships 16.-22.04.2017
Sydney Australia Pacific Invitational  28.-30.04.2017
Johannesburg South Africa Arnold Sports Festival Africa 05.-07.05.2017
Toronto Canada Toronto Super Show, Classic Powerlifting & bench Press 27.-28.05.2017
Minsk Belarus World Classic Powerlifting Championships for all age categories 14.-25.06.2017
Orlando U.S.America North American, Caribbean and Pan-American Powerlifting Championships 03.-08.07.2017
Potchefstroom South Africa World University Powerlifting Cup 10.-15.07.2017
Ylitornio Finland European Open and Sub-Junior & Junior and Masters Classic Bench Press Championships 09.-13.08.2017
Manila Philippines Asian Equipped & Classic Bench Press Championships 06.-12.09.2017
Potchefstroom South Africa Commonwealth Classic & Equipped BP & PL Championships 10.-17.09.2017
Hamm Luxembourg Western European Powerlifting Championships 14.-16.09.2017
Elnesvagen Norway Nordic Sub Junior & Junior Classic Powerlifting and Classic Bench Press Championships 14.-17.09.2017
Barcelona Spain  Arnold Classic Europe 22.-24.09.2017
Trencin Slovakia Danube Cup Classic & Equipped Powerlifting 07.10.2017
Bejaia Algeria African Classic Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships 18.-22.10.2017
Ontario  Canada North American Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships 26.-28.10.2017
Malaga Spain  European Open Classic Bench Press & Classic Powerlifting Cup 01.-03.12.2017
Kerala India Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships 04.-09.12.2017
Buenos Aires Argentina South American Classic Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships 07.-09.12.2017
Changi Singapore Oceania Classic Championships & Pacific Invitationals 07.-10.12.2017