IPF 2011 World Rankings on Wilks points 
Powerlifting Men Powerlifting Women
Bench Press Men Bench Press Women
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar:
Columbus U.S. of America Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival 03.-06.03.2011
Gorna Oryahovica Bulgaria Danube Cup 18.-19.03.2011
Georgetown Cayman Islands Caribbean Islands Powerlifting Championships 23.-26.03.2011
Antalya Turkey IBSA World Games Powerlifting Championships for the Blind and Visually Impaired 05.-08.04.1011
Rodby Denmark World Masters Bench Press Championships 13.-16.04.2011
Pilsen Czech Republic Men's & Women's European Powerlifting Championships 03.-07.05.2011
Sölden Austria World Bench Press Championships for Open & Sub-Junior & Junior  24.-28.05.2011
Nothumberland Great Britain European Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships 07.-11.06.2011
Pilsen Czech Republic European Masters Powerlifting Championships 05.-09.07.2011
Miami U.S. of America North American Powerlifting Championships 07.-09.07.2011
Atlantic City U.S. of America NAPF Professional Grand Prix Bench Press Championships 23.07.2011
Melbourne Australia Pacific Invitational Powerlifting 31.07.2011
Pilsen Czech Republic European Bench Press Championships 04.-06.08.2011
Kaohsiung Chinese Taipei Asian Bench Press Championships 12.-14.08.2011
Buenos Aires Argentina Pan-American Powerlifting Championships 17.-20.08.2011
Moose Jaw Canada World Sub-Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships 30.08.-04.09.2011
Noumea New Caledonia Pacific Games 08.-09.09.2011
Cuijk Netherlands Western European Championships 16.-17.09.2011
St. Catharines Canada World Masters Powerlifting Championships 27.9.-01.10.2011
Miami U.S. of America North American Bench Press Championships 07.-09.10.2011
Khenifra Morocco All African Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships 14.-16.10.2011
Hamm Luxembourg European Masters Bench Press Championships 27.-29.10.2011
Pilsen Czech Republic Men's and Women's World Powerlifting Championships 06.-12.11.2011
Riberao Preto  Brazil South American Bench Press Championships 25.-27.11.2011
Kobe Japan Asian Powerlifting Championships 05.-09.12.2011
Bournemouth Great Britain Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships 15.-18.12.2011