Dear Powerlifting friends,

on behalf of the Intentional Powerlifting Federation I want to express my warmest welcome here in the wonderful city of Helsingborg, Sweden,  to all lifters, coaches, referees, officials and spectators.

The 2019 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships will be listed in the books of the IPF as the biggest powerlifting event in the history of our federation.

More than 950 Athletes will participate over 12 days and are fighting for medals and honour. This is an absolute record for an event in our sport and it proofs that IPF Powerlifting is permanently growing.

What’s fascinating me as the President of this federation is that at this championship the percentage of female lifters is 58%, which means that this is also the first event in

the history of the IPF, at which more women are participating as men. This is another proof that our engagement for gender equality is working and that powerlifting is really a sport for all. 

It is with a big pleasure that after the most successful organisation of the 2018 Equipped World Powerlifting Championships only one hour from Helsingborg in Halmstad, the Swedish Powerlifting Federation

and the organising team under the leadership of Mr. Robert Ericsson are hosting this fantastic event here in the Helsingborg arena.

I want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for the whole pre organisation of the event as it is a huge workload to handle nearly 1000 lifters and at least the same number of coaches, referees and officials.

Robert and his team did a wonderful job to host a perfect event and I am happy to see that the Swedish Powerlifting Federation is keeping the high standard in the organisation.

This event here in Helsingborg is another bench mark for future powerlifting events. 

I wish now all lifters successful and accident free lifting, as well as having a great experience here in Sweden.

For all coaches, officials and spectators I wish you an enjoyable stay in Helsingborg and that you all bring good memories back to your home country!

For all fans of the IPF, who are not able to come to Helsingborg, the IPF of course offers a high standard live streaming, where you can follow the competitions and you will surely not missing any lift!


Yours in Sport,

Gaston Parage
IPF President

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