Reflection of the year 2021

Dear lifters, dear officials, dear friends,

After 18 months without competitions since the start of 2019, I was so happy that we managed to run most Regional Championships and all our World Championships in the last 6 months of this year. The volume of lifters who nominated for the postponed championships warranted the challenge of running them all in the short timeframe between July through to December.

Despite some events having fewer nominations than expected, such as the IPF and EPF University CUP or the EPF Bench Press Championship, we believed it was vitally important if possible, not to cancel events altogether. Reflecting on all the positives arising from these events, confirms the IPF’s ability to ensure the health and safety of all lifters and attendees.

The powerlifting community can have confidence in the IPF Executive to discern when to run, postpone or cancel events for the absolute best interests of our lifters.

I also want to reflect on how wonderful it was that a selection of these 2021 IPF Championships were broadcast by Eurosport in over 60 countries across Europe and Asia, with more than 6 million viewers watching our events on television and a further 12 million watching on Eurosport live streaming. These agreements that we work to achieve, promote powerlifting on an enormous scale right across the world. The best thing that National and Regional Federations can do is get on board by nominating lifters to participate in the IPF Championships and be part of history.

Looking forward to 2022, I strongly encourage all IPF National Federations to get in contact with their Universities to ensure they are nominating lifters under licence of the IPF Member Nations for our first FISU Powerlifting World CUP to be held in July 2022 in Moscow. In addition, I impress upon all European Nations to nominate lifters for the EPF University CUP to be held in Luxembourg in March as this event is very important for the overall future of IPF University sport and of course the young lifters. Together, we need to show FISU that they can count on the IPF to nominate and send teams of university lifters, and that in turn will open up next steps with FISU.

As much as we achieved the best outcomes possible for powerlifting in 2021, we also endured a lot of very sad moments in these bad times with Covid19. We lost a lot of good friends and it is very hard for all of us. My thoughts are with the families, who will surely have hard times in the coming Christmas days.

I want to close with wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a better 2022 than the last 2 years. Take care, stay safe and make sure you don't get sick.


Best regards

Gaston Parage
IPF President

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