Official Press Release - The International Powerlifting Federation is confirmed as WADA Code Compliant

The International Powerlifting Federation has been confirmed WADA compliant and continues to be one of the leading international federations leading the fight against doping to protect the rights and provide a clean platform for our athletes!


Gaston Parage, President of the International Powerlifting proclaimed the following:

“There is no place in the sport of powerlifting for doping! Overall, our efforts to ensure the health, wellness and the protection of the athletes is our number one priority. I’ve very pleased to say the International Powerlifting Federation is once again deemed compliant and we shall continue to be one of the foremost international federations leading the fight against doping! We’re very pleased with the work of our Anti-Doping Commission, chaired by Mr. Detlev Albrings, from Germany, as well as the Regional and National Federations that perform the bulk of the work to ensure our continued compliance and success in the fight against doping.”

“Mr. Sigurjon Petursson, the Vice-President of the International Powerlifting stated we’re extremely pleased with the work of our administrators overseeing our Anti-Doping Education Program in all of our regions – This has made a measurable impact in the reduction of positive cases. The IPF emphasizes to our athletes and to our member federations the importance their ongoing attendance at the education seminars and their continued compliance with the WADA Code as well. Our work in the fight against doping shall continue to be even more robust than ever to protect the rights and health of our athletes.”


The International Powerlifting Federation Anti-Doping rules can be found here:





Robert Keller

Secretary General

International Powerlifting Federation

Wednesday, March 28, 2018




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