World Classic Powerlifting Championships Salo 2015

Greetings my dear friends, 

It is with great pleasure for me to welcome everyone to the 2015 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships that will take place in Salo, Finland. 

I would like to personally thank the Finish Powerlifting Federation for directing this year's championship. Also, I would to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Tero Hyttinen, the President of the Finnish Powerlifting Federation and sponsors Team Nordic Thunder and Salon Voimailijat for their kind and generous support of this year's championship. Most important, I would like to also thank Mr. Tapio Ruohonen our championship director and his competition staff for all of their hard work and the hundreds of hours of preparation time to ensure this championship will be of the highest caliber. 

I'm extremely confident we're going to have a record number of athletes at this year's championship -- most likely we will be near 800 lifters. Despite the large number of athletes, the Finnish Powerlifting Federation will meet this response and deliver a memorable and professionally directed championship that will satisfy everyone. 

Of course, the large number of athletes will make it a long week for all of us; however, I'm very confident in stating to each of you, once again this year, there will be again be some of exciting and memorable performances by the athletes from around the world. 

I have to tell you -- It is with great pleasure for me to see the popularity and support of Classic Powerlifting increasing within our member federations around the world. Clearly, the Classic style of lifting compliments our existing and well established equipped lifting program and provides our athletes with multiple competition possibilities for all age an ability levels. All sports have variations and we should embrace our different programs, equally. One is no better than the other. 

Additionally, I have the added pleasure to announce, besides the standard professionally streamed competition the IPF will deliver, we will also have 1 hour of our highlights on Eurosport.

Lastly, I want to once again thank all the volunteers, coaches and referees that will make this championship possible. Also, I want to personally thank all of the lifters currently preparing and training for the  championship.

Each and every one of your performances will surely make it great and exciting competition for all of us to watch and see. 

To close, I send my special thanks to the City of Salo for their support of this championship this year. 

Thank you. 

Sincere regards, 

Gaston Parage


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