Updates on the IPF

Dear lifters, officials and friends of the IPF,

I want to share some news and provide updates concerning the IPF.

As we continue to work very hard towards IOC recognition we have decided to have a booth together with SBD and Eleiko, at the  2017 SportAccord Convention, in Denmark. The SportAccord Convention is the world’s premier annual event dedicated to engaging and connecting over 100 international sports federations, organising committees, and businesses involved in the development of sport. SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for all Olympic and non-Olympic federations. This organisation provides services to its international sport federations and members in the areas of Anti-Doping Services, Membership Services and Multi-Sport Games Events.  Having a booth affords us a much better presence, quality representation providing opportunities for us to promote our sport and network more effectively at this prestigious event. I’m sure you will agree, this is an important step forward which will invariably create positive outcomes for us. I will keep you all informed with news arising from the convention.

In other news, I have completed the interviews for the newly-created paid position of IPF Office Secretary. The successful applicant will commence work on 1st April.  For the first year, the secretary’s wages will paid by the ADEM which is the organisation within the Ministry of Work in Luxembourg which places people without jobs into suitable employment. Following the first year of successful work, the secretary will be engaged and fully paid by the IPF. I am sure you can appreciate that the clerical/administrative work of the IPF is dramatically increasing and cannot continue to be done voluntarily. I myself, am working full-time for the IPF and the administrative workload is growing beyond capacity, and the same applies for our Treasurer, Secretary General and the Vice President. We certainly require a dedicated employee for the daily administrative work to make sure that we can concentrate on the more important matters pertaining to our roles within the IPF. Our physical office (at the House of Sport “Maison des Sports” in Luxemburg) will be ready for the last quarter of this year. We received this office free of charge from the Ministry of Sport in Luxembourg, thus saving us significant expenses on office rent.  When I was elected President in 2012, I made the commitment to create all of this in order to assist the IPF to move ever forwards, and now this important step has been realized.  Together, we have made so many steps forward since then, and we will continue to do so.

Of course, our main priorities are attaining IOC recognition and the fight against doping. In working towards these goals, I can report that our finances are much healthier then back in 2012 and that is another promise that has been achieved.  Also we created the IPF University CUP last year, and this year we expand upon that first step to organize the first IPF University Championship. All this is in the interests of bringing our sport forward and to help open the way for IOC recognition.

I have just returned from Kazakhstan where I took part in an Anti-doping Education Program designed specifically for coaches. Coach education is as vitally important as lifter education, thus our commitment to ensuring quality education programs for anti-doping rules as well as technical rules. It is equally important that national federations within the IPF are providing coaching programs and accreditation at the national level for all coaches. Accredited national coaches and especially the Head Coaches, should then go on to take the IPF International Coaching License at La Manga. The standardization of coach education and qualification is very important for IOC recognition and I am happy that we have had more and more coaches taking part in the IPF International Coaching Program.

In March I travel to Moscow to meet the FISU (International University Sports Federation) President, Mr. Matytsin. The IPF is currently working towards becoming a member of FISU and taking part in future, at their multi-sport World University Championships. Powerlifting athletes at university are often attracted to the IPF values and enjoy the challenge of competing in their IPF-affiliated national federation. Now we have the IPF World University Championship, providing students with an exciting international competition where they create a team and compete against other university teams from around the world.  IPF membership of FISU would add yet another fantastic competition for students and an opportunity to enjoy being part of a worldwide multi-sport event. We will continue to work towards creating this amazing opportunity for our lifters by striving towards membership in FISU. 
While in Russia, I will also take part in the Congress Meeting of the Russian Powerlifting Federation and the anti-doping education program which will held in Ekaterinburg. 

As I mentioned previously, I will travel to Denmark for the SportAccord Congress on the 2nd of April. Whilst there, I will have a lot of meetings and congresses in which to take part. Every effort is being put into reaching our goals, which is for the benefit of our lifters. As I stated when I was a candidate running for IPF President in 2012, we don’t do the work to benefit ourselves but for our lifters, our sport. What I said then still stands and what I promised to do and work upon, I have done and continue to do, all for the benefit of our sport.  

On the 15th of April I travel to Killeen, USA for the Classic World Bench Press Championships where more than 400 lifters are expected to take part. I look forward to seeing many of you there and I take this opportunity to wish all the lifters good luck and safe travels for Killeen.

Gaston Parage
IPF President

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