300,000 likes on Facebook

Dear friends on Facebook, dear lifters, dear officials,

This weekend we will reach 300, 000 likes on our Facebook fan page.

Last year in May we had 25, 000 likes and in the space of 14 months we now have 300, 000 likes.
This is fantastic and very important for us and we want to continue growing our social media presence!


So I ask those of you who have not yet liked our page to please do so and help us achieve 500, 000 likes.
Please share our page with all your Facebook friends so they can see and enjoy what we are doing in the IPF!

I invite IPF lifters and officials to forward your national or regional competition videos and photos to our Media Team so that we can add them to our Facebook fan page and Instagram account.

We want to share our lifters achievements and celebrate our beautiful sport and our wonderful athletes.


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course our webpage are important for your to check with regularly, if you really what to know what is going on.

The answers to most of your frequently asked questions can be easily found on our webpage or other social medias.
Transparency is very important and so you will find that you receive a lot of constantly-updated information when you have a look on all our social medias and our webpage.

So I want to thank you all of you for your support and together we can make it happen to reach the goal of a half a million Facebooklikes.
When you contribute your likes and shares, you do so for the benefit of our current and future lifters as all of this is very important for the IOC recognition and progress needs be always to be made.
I wish all of you nice Summer (or Winter!) holidays.

Best regards
Gaston Parage
IPF President

Powerlifting Relation Partner


Official VIP Partner


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