World Bench press championships 2015 Sundsval

World Bench Press Championship - Sundsvall 2015

All good things must come to an end, and so it is that the superbly organized World Bench Press Championships in Sundsvall have drawn to a close.

In the end, 40 Men's World and European records and 32 Women's World and European records were broken, and numerous other regional and national records were set.

It was a such a great display of strength from our lifters - Mind and Body!

We had a live, capacity crowd of over 800 on the last day of lifting in the 120kg and +120 kg men's category.

In addition, we had 4400 viewers to our live streaming and over 7400 new fans gained in this week alone on our facebook fan page, taking our total facebook page "likes" to 36,000.

This is a great success for us and our sport and very important for the IOC recognition.

The live audience were entertained with world renowned announcer, Geno Biancheri who came all the way from New Jersey, USA to be the guest speaker and he was absolutely fantastic contributing to it being a great show.

All of this happened because Marcus Hirvonen and his great team did such a great job organizing and promoting this event.

The organizers truly did a great job and everything worked very well.

It is clear that they thought ahead and took care of all the details and therefore I can just say that the athletes, officials and crowd all enjoyed this championships with the lifters delivering a wonderful show from start to finish.

So once again, many thanks to the Swedish Powerlifting Federation, the Meet Director and the whole organizing team.

Big thanks to the lifters, coaches, referees and the EC members who where present and helped to bring our sport forward.

I am looking forward to seeing you all next year in Potchefstroom South 


Best regards

Gaston Parage

IPF President

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