Classic World Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships 2016

Dear lifters and officials, dear friends

The first Classic Bench Press World Championship has been held in Potchefstroom, South Africa with 260 lifters competing.
It was not bad attendance but not what we expected. I think it was because it this event was decided at the congress meeting in November and so it was not enough time for all the nations to make changes in their calendar.

So we are confident that next year many more lifters will take part. Nonetheless, a lot of records were achieved and all the lifters were happy. Two banquets were organized. The Masters banquet was at a very nice place at lunch time. The other was at the Elgro Hotel.

So I want say thanks to the organizer Hannie Smith and the South African Powerlifting Federation and all the volunteers who made this happen. A lot of new lifters came from all over the whole world and they were very impressed.

So thanks to all the lifters for their great performances. A special thanks to their coaches and the loaders. A big thanks to the few referees who were all the days working to ensure a good competition.
So we see you all back next year in Killeen Texas for the next Classic Bench Press World Championship.

That is also the location of the next big IPF event in 2 weeks time in June. Johnny Graham and the USAPL are hosting the Classic World Powerlifting Championships in Killeen Texas.

We have with the final nominations now, 753 lifters!

56 Nations are taking part from all over the world. This is a big success for our sport. So we will welcome you all in Killeen, Texas and we are sure that the organizer is doing all the best to have a great organized Worlds.

So I'm looking forward to seeing you all in Texas. A live streaming will be organized. For those who cannot attend they can watch it over our live streaming.

The first Arnold¹s Classic in South Africa has just ended. For the first edition it wasn¹t bad. Arnold himself visited the Powerlifters and he told the people that he is happy to have Powerlifting on board and to see Powerlifting at all the Arnold¹s around the World.

We were happy that he came and spent time visiting Powerlifting and all the lifters who were present and the officials enjoyed it very much. The next Arnold¹s is in Europe. This year it will be in Barcelona. That will be great as we will all be on the same floor and that makes sure that all the people who are going around will also see Powerlifting. So I hope that the Federations take the opportunity to bring some of our stars to Barcelona to promote them. Believe me this is the best place to do it. The invitation has been already posted on the EPF and IPF webpage.

So I wish all the lifters who will be participating at the Classic Worlds in Killeen a safe trip and that all of them can reach their goals.

Best wishes
Gaston Parage
IPF President

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