World Equipped Bench Press Championships 2016

Team of volunteers at the World equipped bench press championships Rodby, Denmark

Dear lifters, officials and friends,

The World Equipped Bench Press Championship held In Rödby, Denmark is now over.
Firstly, I am very sad that I could not be there as it was a well-organized World Championship.
I want to express my thanks to Anders Pedersen, his team and the Danish Powerlifting Federation who organized this great championship.

They took over when our good friend, Tommy Knudsen passed away. I am sure Tommy would be proud of you all for making this championships a big success.

I am proud of you as well as I had the opportunity to have a look at it over the fantastic streaming, which was very good quality.

Therefore I want express many thanks to  Viva TV and our Media team for quality, professional coverage.  

Of course Geno did a great job as always being the amazing announcer at this Worlds.
I was confident from the beginning that Anders and his team would be a great team and I can say today that they did not disappoint me.
Thanks also to all the referees who were available for the championship. This is very important and I don’t express it often enough: that it is the responsibility of the national Federations to nominate referees.

I remind nations to be mindful of contributing to the success of championships by sending their referees.

It is not enough to ask when will we be recognized by the IOC, all member nations should contribute in practical ways to our success, such as bringing referees to the events.

Therefore big thanks to the nations who are always bringing referees and I hope that the others will follow that example.
Then I must say that we had again a great show, with 68 Men’s world records and 20 Women’s world records.
There were great contests between the lifters which was wonderful to follow on the streaming.

Congratulations to all the winners, record holders and thanks to all the lifters who participated at this Worlds.
Next on the IPF Calendar will be the World Classic Bench Press Championships in Potchefstroom, South Africa –we send our best wishes to all who will compete, officiate and organize that event.

Best regards
Gaston Parage
IPF President

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