Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you are curious about how the 1st University Cup went and how was
Minsk and the Belarus Powerlifting Federation BPF, as it was the first time
for both.
I hope you enjoyed the photographs on facebook and the video streaming on
Youtube but I am also happy to give you some extra feedback.

The first University Cup in Minsk was very well organized and the organizer
spent a lot of money to make sure the lifters had the best conditions and of
course as preparation for the...

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Dear lifters, dear officials,

It is with a great pleasure that we announce that the 1st University CUP will be held from 12 to 16 July in Minsk, Belarus under the patronage of FISU.
FISU is the umbrella Federation for the University Games. Our goal as IPF is of course to become a member of FISU and to take part in the University Games.
For us, university sport is very important as it is wonderful environment to introduce potential new lifters to our great sport. 
It is good to see that 18 Nations...

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It is my sad duty to announce that the former president of the Danish Powerlifting Federation, Mr. Helge Laursen, passed away on 1st of July at the age of 66 years.

He was president of DPF for two long periods.

He represented Denmark at many congresses in the IPF and the EPF. He was also an international lifter and coach. He was an International Cat 1 referee and was present at several championships every year.

He will be missed in Denmark and by many friends abroad. The good memory of Helge...

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

As the Classic Powerlifting World Championships in Killeen Texas USA commences, it is important and pleasing to see the biggest number of nations ever assembled, participating here . This is very good for our sport especially  as we in the process of achieving IOC recognition. It is especially a great  pleasure to  see nations such as Lebanon, Libya and Egypt come together here in the spirt of sport. Also we take pleasure in welcoming nations such as Kiribati, Nauru,...

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Dear lifters and officials, dear friends

The first Classic Bench Press World Championship has been held in Potchefstroom, South Africa with 260 lifters competing.
It was not bad attendance but not what we expected. I think it was because it this event was decided at the congress meeting in November and so it was not enough time for all the nations to make changes in their calendar.

So we are confident that next year many more lifters will take part. Nonetheless, a lot of records were achieved and...

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Dear lifters, officials and friends,

The World Equipped Bench Press Championship held In Rödby, Denmark is now over.
Firstly, I am very sad that I could not be there as it was a well-organized World Championship.
I want to express my thanks to Anders Pedersen, his team and the Danish Powerlifting Federation who organized this great championship.

They took over when our good friend, Tommy Knudsen passed away. I am sure Tommy would be proud of you all for making this championships a big success.


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of one of the greatest female powerlifters from the Bahamas Powerlifting Federation, Natasha Newbold. 

We have been informed that Natasha passed away on Monday morning at the age of 52 after a long illness.

Natasha was a champion powerlifter and also worked tirelessly as General Secretary of the Bahamas Powerlifting Federation.

Natasha is survived by three daughters and two grandchildren, and I extend my sincere...

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Dear all,

The recent Arnold’s in Ohio was a great advertisement of our sport.  First I want to thank Priscilla Ribic our 2015 World Champion. Aside from all the hard training that she did to become the World Champion in my home country last November, she also found the time to work very hard to put this event together with Larry Maile to make the Arnold’s a huge success.

Both Priscilla and Larry are IPF Hall of Fame members and have been organising this great event over many years with a growing...

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