Dear athletes, coaches, officials and referees, 

I'm preparing this message out of general concern for our athletes. At this World Classic and Equipment Bench Press Championships scheduled for Tokyo during May, this will be the first time an athlete will be able to compete up to four times. As an example, an athlete may compete in the Classic Open and Junior Championship and then lift in the Equipped Open and Junior Competition. Imagine if a team that normally attends with 32 lifters, now only...

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the IPF EC I would like to wish you all a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.

One more year has passed, and we have made great progress in our lovely sport again, despite some people trying to put stones in our way just for their own ego.

For me and the whole EC our priorities have always been and will always be to serve our lifters and our sport.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with some officials who were only considering their own...

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Dear Presidents, Secretary Generals and representatives of the IPF Member Federations!

In about one month we will have our IPF General Assembly at our Open Powerlifting World’s on 4th November in Halmstad, Sweden.

As this is a rule change congress and also some important changes in the constitution and bylaws needs to be discussed and voted on, I encourage all IPF Member Federations to attend this General Assembly. According to the IPF Rules the President and/or Secretary General should attend...

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Dear lifters, officials and member Federation‘s


It is a great pleasure for me to announce that with the launch of the African Powerlifting Federation (APF) website, which shall include the African Records. The website was paid for by IPF Development funds. We are especially pleased to extraordinary growth of powerlifting in Africa, which now boasts 12 member federations. We’re extremely pleased with the hard work of the APF Executive – Well done. At the APF General Assembly last year, I...

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I departed Luxembourg on Monday, June 4 to Calgary to attend the World
Classic Powerlifting Championships and returned on Monday June 18, 2018 --
As you can see, this year's championships took us a solid two weeks to
direct. Of course, this does not include the set-up and breakdown of the
organizer. This year's competition was extremely successful with 750 lifters
from 52 Nations from all six continents to compete in Calgary.

The competition started with the Masters Category I - IV. As always...

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This year's World Classic Bench Press Championships was a huge success - The largest ever since we added the classic bench press to the IPF Calendar with 668 lifters with 343 Women and 425 Men. The Championship was held in the city of Vantaa, Finland, which is located near the airport. Transport from the airport to the hotel took only 10 minutes to the headquarters hotel.

The venue was first class with fully equipped Eleiko stations for both the competition platform and in the warm-up area. A...

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During the SportAccord Convention 2018 in Bangkok/Thailand, the IWGA held also it’s annual General Assembly, where they also reported about the 
last World Games 2017 in Wroclaw.
The powerlifting events were one of the prime events and the venue was 3 days full packed with enthusiastic spectators. On the platform there were exceptional
battles for medals and honour. 
This was also well recognised by the IWGA officials and therefore they granted the IPF an „upgrade“ of lifters for the upcoming World...

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The International Powerlifting Federation has been confirmed WADA compliant and continues to be one of the leading international federations leading the fight against doping to protect the rights and provide a clean platform for our athletes!


Gaston Parage, President of the International Powerlifting proclaimed the following:

“There is no place in the sport of powerlifting for doping! Overall, our efforts to ensure the health, wellness and the protection of the athletes is our number one...

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