Dear Athletes, Coaches and Officials,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce to you the upcoming IPF World Open Championships in Dubai will have 155 Men and 94 Women taking part – Also, included there will be 15 Special Olympic Powerlifters.

I am very happy to see so many lifters attending this competition and I wish each athlete delivers their best performance and achieves their goals.

On Sunday, November 17, we shall conduct our annual General Assembly. It is an important General...

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It is with great pleasure that the IPF announces an exciting new event for the stars of the sport with prize money never before seen in the history of the IPF.

Eligible IPF Champions from across the world will be invited to attend the prestigious event and will vie for a piece of the unprecedented prize pool of £250,000.  Prize money will be awarded to the highest total, highest IPF points and for world records broken. The event promises to deliver outstanding powerlifting as 24 of the world’s...

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Dear lifters and officials,
For the first time in IPF history we have more women than men who have nominated for a world championship event, that being in the upcoming World University Powerlifting Cup being hosted in Tartu, Estonia! It gives me and all of us in the IPF, great pleasure to see so many women coming forward to participate at the highest levels in our sport!
The International University Sports Federation (FISU) have been especially interested in promoting the participation of women...

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Dear Powerlifting friends,

on behalf of the Intentional Powerlifting Federation I want to express my warmest welcome here in the wonderful city of Helsingborg, Sweden,  to all lifters, coaches, referees, officials and spectators.

The 2019 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships will be listed in the books of the IPF as the biggest powerlifting event in the history of our federation.

More than 950 Athletes will participate over 12 days and are fighting for medals and honour. This is an...

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Dear lifters and officials,

An all-time record number of lifters: 1088 will compete in the combined Classic and Equipped Bench Press World Championship in Tokyo. By combining equipped bench press and classic bench press into one event, we have listened to our lifters and we are giving them the opportunity to compete in both formats at the world level in one fantastic event.  The popularity of both lifting formats is clear with 309 male equipped lifters and 350 male classic lifters now nominated...

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Dear athletes, coaches, officials and referees, 

I'm preparing this message out of general concern for our athletes. At this World Classic and Equipment Bench Press Championships scheduled for Tokyo during May, this will be the first time an athlete will be able to compete up to four times. As an example, an athlete may compete in the Classic Open and Junior Championship and then lift in the Equipped Open and Junior Competition. Imagine if a team that normally attends with 32 lifters, now only...

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the IPF EC I would like to wish you all a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.

One more year has passed, and we have made great progress in our lovely sport again, despite some people trying to put stones in our way just for their own ego.

For me and the whole EC our priorities have always been and will always be to serve our lifters and our sport.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with some officials who were only considering their own...

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Dear Presidents, Secretary Generals and representatives of the IPF Member Federations!

In about one month we will have our IPF General Assembly at our Open Powerlifting World’s on 4th November in Halmstad, Sweden.

As this is a rule change congress and also some important changes in the constitution and bylaws needs to be discussed and voted on, I encourage all IPF Member Federations to attend this General Assembly. According to the IPF Rules the President and/or Secretary General should attend...

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