World Equipped Championships 2021 - 84+kg class

In the last session of the Open World Championships, the 84+kg class lifted back to back with the 120s.

Daria Efimtseva of ROC took the junior squat world record with 275kg on her second and extended it to 290kg on her third which put her fully 25kg ahead of her teammate, Anna Kukhareva.

However, Norway’s Hildeborg Hugdal jumped into the lead with a massive 215kg bench opener which took the roof of in an arena almost entirely filled with "Team Hugdal" t-shirts. Daria fought back with a junior world record of 195kg for her second which moved like a rocket and was enough to keep Hildeborg at bay for the second round. 205kg moved just as quickly for Efimtseva’s third and even a new open world record of 227.5kg for Hugdal couldn’t get her past.

Daria’s second deadlift of 205kg gave her the junior world record total and kept her just ahead. In the final round, she pulled a comfortable 212.5kg, giving Hugdal a mountain to climb. Hildeborg put 222.5kg on the bar to pull for the win and the crowd went crazy but she couldn’t get the bar to her knees and had to concede the title to Efimtseva.

Although Team Hugdal didn't quite get the result they were looking for, they filled the Idrettshall with cheers and raucous applause and we loved their positive energy.

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