World Equipped Championships 2021 - 69kg class

Day 3 of the World Open Powerlifting Championships opened with the 69kg class and they blew our socks off!

Sonja-Stefanie Krüger of Germany put on quite a show, opening on a junior world record of 245kg and then taking Ana Rosa Castellain’s open world record with 250.5kg on her second. USVI’s Kelsey McCarthy attempted 255.5kg to take the record but couldn’t quite bring it back up. Krüger came out for the same weight and, despite losing her position slightly on the ascent, she fought through and took a commanding lead into bench.

In true style, Krüger opened her bench on an open world record, 182.5kg, and made short work of it. Although it ended up being her only successful bench attempt, it was easily enough for gold. McCarthy and Castellain both attempted 180kg but were unsuccessful and at sub-total, Krüger was 23kg ahead of Castellain who was in turn 7.5kg ahead of McCarthy.

Things soon changed though when Ana Rosa upped her opening deadlift to 210kg while Sonja-Stefanie dropped hers to 175kg. An easy deadlift opener allowed Sonja-Stefanie to make certain of her world records (and add the junior total world record to the list) but it also allowed Ana Rosa to slip past into first place. In the second round, Krüger regained the lead with 190kg which also took the open total world record but Castellain responded with a strong looking 215kg which took back the lead and the total record. Meanwhile, McCarthy missed her second which put her under pressure from Norway’s Eline Skalleberg just behind.

McCarthy missed 212.5kg again, leaving the door open for Skalleberg to make the podium but her attempt at 215kg was not to be. Krüger narrowly missed 197.5kg which would have retaken the lead and had to settle for the silver medal, an unaccustomed position for the young star. Brazil’s Ana Rosa Castellain came out for 220kg but it sprang out of her grip, sending her flying. She got to her feet unhurt and took a moment to celebrate her second time winning world’s in Stavanger – clearly lifting in Norway suits her as this put her in the lead for the best lifter award with 108.58 GL points.

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