World Equipped Championships 2021 - 47kg class

We returned to Stavanger, Norway this week for the 2021 World Open Equipped Powerlifting Championships. It’s been a while but we are glad to be back. We opened the competition with the lightweight women, 47kg and 52kg classes lifting back to back.

The 47kg class was packed full of familiar faces, world champions and world record holders. Yukako Fukushima of Japan took an early lead with an opening squat of 172.5kg which broke the M2 world record. This is the first international competition for Yukako since turning M2 so it seemed likely that she would take a run at the M2 world records, but to do it on her opener was a surprise. She pushed this up to 180kg on her second and left it there, not making a third attempt. Zuzanna Kula of Poland meanwhile opened her squat on 180kg but could not improve on it, leaving the lighter Fukushima with the squat gold.

Fukushima continued to excel, breaking the M2 bench world record with every lift, ending on 125kg with the distinction of being the only lifter in class to get all three benches in. Kula attempted a junior world record of 112.5kg but it was a bit too much on the day.

Fukushima broke the M2 total record with her first pull and just kept going, taking the M2 deadlift record with her final attempt. A truly outstanding performance.

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