World Equipped 2021 - 120+kg class

The 120+kg class lifted last in Stavanger and Ahmed Hassanin of Egypt squatted 470kg on his second and then called for a world record of 505.5kg to be placed on the bar for his third but it was turned down for depth. ROC legend Andrei Konovalov tried to take the lead with 470kg as he was lighter on bodyweight but it wasn’t quite there on the day.

Bench was a difficult session with more failures than successes through the field. Konovalov pulled ahead with a massive 362.5kg press and Joe Cappellino of USVI leapt into second place with his third and only successful bench of 350kg.

Konovalov missed his second deadlift but was still 25kg ahead of Cappellino who, in turn, was 7.5kg ahead of Ukraine’s Andrii Shevchenko. In the final round, Konovalov came out first and pulled 350kg, securing his 4th world title. Shevchenko was next with 352.5kg which moved him into second. Cappellino responded by absolutely smoking the same weight to snatch back the silver but the lift was overturned by the jury and he had to settle for bronze.

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