World Juniors 2022 - Equipped

We kicked off the World Juniors with the equipped lifters, those brave souls who go into battle not only with the weights and their competitors but also with their equipment. Equipped lifting is a difficult and technical endeavour and it is always impressive to see such young lifters exhibit such proficiency in their lifting.

144 lifters from 26 countries competed over 4 days – this is up 30% on last year and it’s great to see participation numbers recovering post-pandemic. Zuzanna Kula of Poland bounced back from disappointment at the European Bench Champs with a 205kg junior world record squat and her third world title. Sonja-Stefanie Krüger can always be relied upon to provide some excitement and she took the OPEN world record squat at 260kg in the 69kg class, adding the junior deadlift record at 205.5kg and taking the open total world record with 635.5kg. An impressive haul for the young German lifter who has been a dominant force in equipped lifting for years already – it was no surprise that she took the best lifter award too. These two both move into the open class next year and they look ready for it.

In the women’s juniors, Ukraine took the team prize ahead of Poland and Germany with India a creditable 4th place. In the sub-juniors, it was USA with Poland once again in second place and Kazakhstan beating Ukraine to third.

In the men’s sub-junior team competition, it was a tight race but Ukraine just edged out USA and Kazakhstan. In the juniors, USA took the win ahead of Sweden and Kazakhstan, India and Romania all finished with 29 points. In this situation, places are awarded on total GL points and this gave Team Kazakhstan the edge and 3rd place.

The action doesn’t stop here as we have five days of classic juniors and sub-juniors to come. Don’t miss this showcase of the next generation of powerlifters.

Full results

All sessions can be view on our YouTube channel here

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