Education is an important aspect of the IPF Anti-Doping program.

You are subject to the IPF Anti-Doping Rules if you participate in the sport of powerlifting as:

  • an athlete
  • an athlete support personnel (like a coach, a trainer, a physician, a parent, etc.)
  • a sport administrator, a volunteer, or an official of a powerlifting club, national federation, etc. (director, staff, etc.)

The IPF encourages all its participants to complete education to understand the rules that apply to them and to know their rights and responsibilities under the IPF Anti-Doping Program.

In addition to the information provided on the IPF website, WADA’s Anti-Doping e-Learning platform (ADeL) offers access to all topics related to clean sport and anti-doping. It offers courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and anyone interested in learning more about anti-doping and protecting the values of clean sport.

Note that all Junior and Sub-Junior athletes competing at the following IPF Championships  must successfully complete education through ADeL in order to be able to compete: 

  • World Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships
  • World Sub-Junior, Junior & Open Classic Powerlifting Championships
  • World Open, Sub Junior, Junior & Masters Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championship

Additional WADA Resources


WADA’s anti-doping eLearning platform (ADeL)