3rd Newsletter Open Worlds Luxemburg

Dear members of the IPF

Here is the link to the official webpage for the Open Worlds in Luxemburg, if you haven't already visited it, please do as it is up to date with all the Newsletters and all relevant information.
I kindly ask you to promote the link by adding it to the news section on your national and regional webpages. Please inform the lifters and officials who will attend the open worlds to read the Newsletters carefully as they contain all the necessary information. 
I will not answer individual questions from lifters or officials if the information they are seeking could be found in the Newsletter.
I am very busy as are all the organizers, and so it is not the duty of the organizers to personally inform individual officials or lifters.
From previous experience we know that the information from the Technical Meeting is often not forwarded to lifters and officials especially those who attend the event for just one or two days then leave. Please note, I cannot answer phone calls during the event just because these people have not got the necessary information from the Technical Meeting. It is the responsibility of national federations, lifters and officials to be informed as all the information anyone requires is available from the event website and the event meetings.
This is the third Newsletter that we have produced for this championship and we have all the information about the Hotels on our webpage so we expect the arrivals and hotel transfers to go as smoothly as possible, however if a lifter arrives at the airport and for some reason nobody is there to pick him up he can easily take a Taxi to travel to his Hotel as hotels are no more than 20 minutes drive away (the Kikuoka and the Ibis Ech Belval).  The Ibis Airport and Ibis Budget Hotels are in the same building in front of the airport and can be reached by walking if no one was at the Airport to collect them.  Of course I will do my best to ensure that we will be there to transport lifters and delegates.

I will inform the delegations separately in which Hotel they will be and then I expect that they forward this information to their lifters and officials.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and your help as this is the duty of the national federations to forward information to all their delegates.
Those who are not informed are those who are either not looking on the IPF or the organizers webpage and/or have not been informed by their national federations about all the information.  So I will not accept any claims that they have not got the right information.
Also please note: the Consent form and Coach liability form etc. can be downloaded and each of the lifters and the head coaches should have those printed and ready and bring with them to the weigh in so that we can save time.

A last note for those who will be in Ibis Esch. The room rate on the invitation is only for the room with one person but of course if there are two persons in the room then 15 € more needs to be paid for the breakfast. So if it is used as a double room only 15 € for the breakfast needs to be included. This information I will also send out by separate mail to those who will be in that Hotel.

I also want to ask you to send me your travel itinerary to make sure we can pick everyone up. Failure to do so will mean that we cannot guaranty a pick up and late itineraries and changes will not be taken into consideration as we have to prepare our pick up schedule ahead of time.

Best wishes,
Gaston Parage
IPF President