IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds - Luxembourg

Hamm, Luxembourg will play host to the IPF Open World Powerlifting Championships! The Championships will be from 9-15 November. It is also the home country of the IPF President Gaston Parage!

Luxembourg, a small and beautiful European country has a flourishing cultural history primarily in the field of music, painting and photography. All through the year, many festivals are celebrated which also portray that the traditional heritage of the country has not been foreshadowed. Architecture too, with remarkable edifices such as the Vianden Castle and the Echternach Basilica, illustrates the exquisiteness of the civilization that has passed through the hands of Romans and Germans. Even more remarkable is the fact that Luxembourg, being an important part of the EU enjoys the benefits of an open European market.

Luxembourg is the least populated country in the European Union, with only 465,000 inhabitants. It is also the 20th smallest of the 194 independent countries in the world. Luxembourg was ranked 3rd best country in the EU for business efficiency in 2005, after Finland and Denmark.