World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Halmstad/Sweden

IPF shifts Classic World’s from Belarus to Sweden

The 2021 World Classic Powerlifting Championships should be organised in Minsk/Belarus. According the current political situation, the IPF Executive Board had to take the hard decision to cancel the event in focus to this uncertain situation in the country. 
"I am really sorry for the organising committee, as they did a great job with the preparations for the event“, IPF President Gaston Parage says and he continues "but the IPF has the responsibility for the health and safety of its lifters, coaches and officials and therefore this was the only logical decision“.
"On the other hand we are happy to announce at the same time that we could find another host for the biggest IPF event in the year“, President Parage was really relieved.

Fortunately, the IPF VIP Partner ELEIKO is willing to organise the event together with the IPF in their headquarters in Halmstad, Sweden. ELEIKO will provide the location, setup of the venue and all related equipment and the IPF will take care for the administration.

ELEIKO’s CEO Erik Blomberg said "We are happy to support the IPF and to give the lifters a chance to compete on the international circuit after this long period of non competing and we will give our very best to provide the best conditions for all teams. We want to host an event especially for the athletes and that it will be a memorable experience for everybody attending this World Championships here in Halmstad/Sweden“.
After the Open Powerlifting Championships in 2018, Halmstad will be the second time the host for an IPF World Championship. This time it will be the biggest event in the annual IPF Calendar with more than 600 athletes.
As the IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championships were foreseen to be hosted in South Africa and as the current COVID situation will also not allow to run international events in the country, the IPF EC decided to add the Classic Masters Powerlifting Championship to the Event in Halmstad. The new host for the Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships will be announced soon.

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