War in Ukraine

Luxemburg, March 1st 2022

The IPF Executive Committee met today regarding the war taking place in the Ukraine. The IPF Executive Committee is deeply concerned on the invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian government, and the Belarus government’s support of this.

Therefore, after considerable discussion and thought, the IPF EC has decided to take the following action:

  1. Until further notice, the Russian and Belarusian Powerlifting Federations´ athletes and officials will not be invited or allowed to participate in any International, Regional or World Powerlifting Championships.
  2. Until further notice, the IPF will not organise any sports events in Russia or Belarus.
  3. Key and important, we recognize this is not the fault of the athletes, coaches, officials, and referees from the Russian and Belarusian Powerlifting Federations. However, the IPF is taking this action to ensure the security and safety of ALL of our athletes, coaches, officials and referees.

The IPF thanks all for the calls for peace by athletes, coaches, officials and referees to to stop the violence and restore peace.

Let’s pray for a solution to the ongoing war that is now taking place in the Ukraine. 

The IPF EC reaffirms the call of the IOC President: “Give peace a chance.

Thank you,

The IPF Executive Committee

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