Virtual Youth Sports Festival

United Through Sports

International Powerlifting Federation

Virtual Youth Sports Festival

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 – Strassen, Luxembourg


Ladies and gentlemen,

Greetings! I am both honored and pleased to announce the IPF Max Fit Finalists. The following youth athletes will now move on to represent both their National Member Federation and the International Powerlifting Federation versus youth athletes from sixty (60) other Olympic/Non-Olympic recognized international sports federations at the UTS Max Fit Finals. My sincere congratulations and continued success!

Gaston Parage
President, International Powerlifting Federation


MAX FIT Age Groups Finalists                                                                                                                                   

▪Under 10 Male                                               Cal Knight                                         USA

▪Under 10 Female                                           Gia Griffith                                        USA

▪Under 11 Male                                               Osborn Reed                                    USA

▪Under 11 Female                                           Piper Gardner                                   USA

▪Under 12 Male                                               Taylor Gunville                                  USA

▪Under 12 Female                                           Rudisill Houston                               USA

▪Under 13 Male                                                Austin Bartek                                   USA

▪Under 13 Female                                           Savannah Cannon                            USA

▪Under 14 Male                                               Garrison Dull                                     USA                                     

▪Under 14 Female                                           Shelby Stricklin                                 USA 

▪Under 15 Male                                               Charles Nieves                                 Puerto Rico

▪Under 15 Female                                           Jessica Fargnoli                                USA

▪Under 16 Male                                               Jacob Carrasco                                 Peru                     

▪Under 16 Female                                           Beatriz Fallas                                    Costa Rica  

▪Under 17 Male                                               Tahseen Shaan Leon                        Bangladesh

▪Under 17 Female                                           Veronika Borduyg                             Ukraine

▪Under 18 Male                                               MD Shahriyar                                    Bangladesh

▪Under 18 Female                                           Sherezada Romero                           Peru



The International Powerlifting Federation athletes have been invited to participate in the United Through Sports (UTS) Virtual Youth Sports Festival. The 2020 UTS Virtual Youth Sports Festival falls under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Special Olympics International (SOI), Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF), SportAccord and the Alliance of Independent recognized Members of Sport (AIMS). Overall, the UTS Virtual Youth Sports Festival invites all of us to stand in solidarity under the Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympics values towards the promotion of inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, and peace-promotion. 

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