.sport domain confers approval of and commitment to the International Sporting Community.

The IPF announces switch to top-level domain,
Halmstad, Sweden 4th November — At the 2018 Open World Powerlifting Championship, The IPF announced it has been successful in attaining the internet extension, through the .sport project operated and overseen by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

As a prestigious membership endorsement by GAISF, the .sport domain serves as a credential of the IPF’s role in the International Sporting Community as well as enhancing searchability involving sport keywords. The .sport domain is also a dynamic and meaningful context which enhances memorability and visibility.

“We are pleased to be one of the pioneering sports federations on board with the GAISF’s .sport initiative. As of today, our website and email addresses will use the exclusive extension: ,”

- Gaston Parage, President of the The IPF.

.sport a positive impact on International Sport
The .sport extension operated by GAISF is actively supported by various International Sporting Federations and key global sports bodies, including the IOC (International Olympic Committee and WADA (World Anti-Doping Association).

“The IPF appreciates the time and effort the GAISF has taken in creating the .sport Internet domain for the benefit of the International Sporting Community and we are delighted to demonstrate that we are truly committed to moving forward with GAISF with this initiative.”

- Eric Rupp, IPF Online Media Manager

Formed in 1972, The IPF is the worldwide leader in the sport of powerlifting with 117 member nations and an unparalleled internet and social media following. The IPF was a founding member of The World Games Association and is a member of GAISF, FISU and has achieved Tier 1 WADA compliance.

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