Meeting with Eurosport in Paris

Recently, Eurosport invited a delegation from the IPF to visit the Eurosport Headquarters in Paris. This comprised IPF General Manager, Emanuel Scheiber, Media Team Manager, Eric Rupp and IPF consultant Hagen Bossdorf.

The group reviewed the broadcasts from Classic Worlds in South Africa and Equipped Worlds in Denmark in 2022. Eurosport declared themselves delighted with the broadcasts so far and commented on the significant production improvements made by the IPF. Viewer numbers were very high, both linear (Eurosport 1 and 2) and digital (online streaming).

There was also discussion around how we can improve the Eurosport LIVE sessions at the Classic Worlds in Malta by adding new features to our broadcast and preparing tools to explain powerlifting and how it all works.

As Eurosport is so happy with our broadcasts, they have offered us a long-term partnership of 4-6 years. This cooperation means that we can prepare a long-term media plan and improve our media presence overall.

These broadcasts give us an unrivalled opportunity to bring powerlifting into the homes of millions, generating interest and excitement about our biggest competitions and our best athletes. We are very happy at the development prospects this brings to our sport.

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