IPF partnering with UNAOC

The IPF shows social responsibility

Luxembourg/New York,

Recently the IPF signed an MOU with UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) in which both organisations agree for a close cooperation for several social projects.

The flagship project is #OneHumanity (https://www.unaoc.org) where for now the IPF plays also an essential role. A video tape was created with which the powerlifting community wants to show that all humans around the world, despite from race, religion, political convictions are ONE HUMANITY and all of us are sharing one planet.
IPF President Gaston Parage says: "We in our federation also realise that we have a social responsibility to our powerlifting community but even more to all humans in our world“ and he continues "Especially during the last year with the pandemic and the related difficulties for all people around the globe, we must realise that we are one world and we have only one planet where all of us should live in harmony. I am happy to see that many international sport federations and sports icons are also following this movement as it is essential for our society to have idols who are leading such projects. Therefore it makes me even more happy that the IPF can also make its contribution to the #OneHumanity project".



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