IPF Future Summit 2022

Luxemburg, 21st April 2022

This past weekend, after a COVID-19 break of two years, the IPF could finally hold the IPF Future Summit 2022 with its principal partners, SBD and Eleiko.

At the Future Summit, the IPF reports their varied and wide-ranging activities in the recent year to the two presenting partners, and informs them about upcoming events and activities. All three partners can then work out strategies together on how to establish future projects and maximise synergies - especially in terms of communication and media work.

One key topic this year was the new opportunities the IPF will have with TV production and live broadcast on Eurosport. This gives a wider exposure to the IPF and, in the same way, to the partners. As well as the very successful high quality streaming the IPF has had for several years now (also via the Olympic Channel) the TV market opens a new opportunity to reach viewers who are new to powerlifting and is the perfect tool to grow the popularity of our sport.

The IPF also shared the great news that, with immediate effect, 18 Latin American countries will now be able to see major IPF events on TV as the IPF recently signed a broadcasting agreement with a Latin American TV Channel. This new opportunity will be available for the first time at the Classic Worlds in South Africa in June 2022.

Finally, the IPF and the two partners signed the new, long-term partnership agreements which will elevate SBD and Eleiko to Presenting Partner status in the IPF. These partnership agreements last for eight years, which will give the IPF and both partners the opportunity to plan long-term strategies for improvements in the sport and will also provide financial stability to the federation to implement future activities.

“The IPF is proud and humbled to have these two Presenting Partners on board, because only with strong partners can we be a strong federation.” said IPF President Gaston Parage, and he continues: “With these long-term partnerships, we can improve our standards at world level but also regional levels to give all athletes the very best conditions to compete. Additionally, we will be able to support those countries with the most limited financial opportunities to have adequate coaches for the lifters, and to bring them onto the international stage.”

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