In Memorium Robb Grisham

Yesterday was another sad day in the powerlifting community as we learned of the passing of Robb Grisham. Robb was a IPF Cat 2 referee and long standing member in USA Powerlifting, competing nationally and also internationally.

President of USA Powerlifting Dr. Larry Maile had the following comments about Robb: Yesterday, we said farewell to Robb Grisham. Robb was a longtime national and international competitor, referee, and coach. He will be missed by his many friends here at home, but also across the world. USA Powerlifting joings Robb's many friends in offering our deepest sympathies to his wife Linda, and his Colorado powerlifting family. RIP Robb. Fair winds and following seas. 1939 -2020.

To show the love he had around him Zac Cooper from USA Powerlifting summed it up very well: Part of being a part of the sport of Powerlifting is knowing your history. It helps you know where we have been, what we have accomplished, and gives us better understanding of the vector for the future. Rob was a part of USA Powerlifting ‘s heart. He was part of the “good stuff” that happened at every competition I had the pleasure of sharing with him. He smiled; was helpful, friendly, approachable, patient, encouraging, positive, and perhaps the most visible quality I can say about Him was - he served. God Bless Him and his family.

On behalf of the IPF Executive committee we send our deepest condolences to his family and all his friends over the world.
Gaston Parage
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