Consequences of a member nation not complying with the WADA Code

With regards to the suspension of the USAPL, we would like to clarify the effect of allowing a member nation to act outside the WADA code.

The consequences of a member nation not complying with the WADA Code are far more serious and far-reaching than simply hampering our drive for IOC recognition.  By not enforcing WADA compliance on member nations, we would no longer be WADA compliant ourselves.  As a direct result, we would lose our IWGA membership and would be expelled from the World Games.  We would lose FISU recognition and would be expelled from all University Sport activities and would no longer be able to organise the FISU Powerlifting World University Cup. Additionally, the IPF would lose its membership in AIMS, GAIFS and all the other umbrella federations of which we are a member and our position in the sporting world would be diminished.

The IPF has the mandate from 133 member federations to ensure membership in all of those umbrella organisations. This mandate also supports the IPF working towards involvement in other umbrella organisations and multi sport games like the Masters Games, Commonwealth Games, University Games, etc.  If we lost our WADA compliant status, the IPF would be simply not be able to be part of any of these organisations or games and this would be a huge loss.



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