2015 in Review

Fredrik Smulter - 401kg

Ray Williams - 425.5kg

Sergii Bilyi - 1022.5kg Total

As the year closes we look back at some highlights of another successful year in the IPF! There we many, many world records broken! We saw the biggest IPF Championship in Salo, Finland where almost 1000 lifters competed over 10 days at the Classic Powerlifting worlds!

The IPF hosted 6 World Championships with 1767 lifters! A few things that stood out in 2015...the biggest bench press in IPF history of 401kg where Fredrik Smulter (FIN) smashed the World record in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Probably the biggest moment of the year was when Ray Williams (USA) stepped on the platform at the Classic Powerlifting Worlds, squatted 425.5kg and became the 1st person to Total 1000.5kg! A few days ago Ray improved the squat record to 426kg and Total to 1008.5kg at the Asian/Oceania Classic Powerlifting Championships!

The Open Powerlifting Worlds was hosted in the country of our IPF President, Gaston Parage in Luxembourg. One of the biggest highlights was when 93kg lifter, Sergii Bilyi (UKR) smashed the Total World record with 22.5kg to Total 1022.5kg! Even the 2nd place was 17.5kg over the previous World record!


There are so many highlights from 2015, from world records to lifters getting a personal best! To follow more of these highlights and up to date news join our Facebook Page, Instagram or follow us on Twitter! And if you missed some of the lifting from 2015 you subscribe to our YouTube page!

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