IPF Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Since the previous Strategic Plan (2012-2014), the IPF has achieved unprecedented growth and development. Through the rising popularity of the sport of powerlifting and our strivings towards our organizational goals, the IPF has positioned itself as a significant world sporting federation.


The IPF has made important and rewarding advancements in key areas such as athlete's interests, competitions and programs, marketing and media, relationships with key stakeholders and organizational development. We are particularly encouraged by our strong progress towards our key goal of achieving IOC recognition, undertaking that process alone, has served to genuinely advance and strengthen us.


Of course, the IPF must continue the work that is in progress and meet the challenges of achieving even greater sophistication and professionalism. The Strategic Plan 2015-2018 outlines that pathway ahead.


Our core values of leadership, integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and fellowship will guide the way we approach our missions, while being ever mindful of our vision:


The IPF will lead the sport of powerlifting to a position of respect in world sport, by providing quality competitive opportunities, promoting powerlifting globally and leading by example in terms of integrity, efficiency and inclusiveness.


I commend this plan to you all, as a comprehensive statement of the aims and challenges for the IPF. I urge all those within the IPF - member nations, clubs and individuals to embrace this document, have clarity about our mission and to actively participate in the achievement of our goals. 


Yours sincerely

Gaston Parage

IPF President

Powerlifting Relation Partner


Official VIP Partner


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