World Open Equipped Powerlifting Championships

Dear ladies and gentlemen

In about one month, we will have the Open Equipped World Powerlifting Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic. We will also have our yearly general assembly at this championship. On behalf of the IPF and my
colleagues from the Executive Board we welcome all of you. One more year is now over and we made again monumental steps forward. The major step forward was the recognition by FISU this year.

Now we are looking forward to organize for next year a University World Championships with the confidence
that we may be able to take part at the next World University Games in 2019. Next year we will organize a Sports for All Championship in Luxembourg. The Sport for All competition will have a unified competition with Special Olympic athletes and IPF lifters. This event will act as a test event for the Special Olympic World Games in Dubai, As part of the Sport of All competition, we will have a competition for blind lifters and possibly Paralympic athletes as well. We will call the competition the Sports for All World Competition. This will be the first event like this organized by the IPF Sports for all Commission. The reason is to show the World that Powerlifting is a "sport for all" and also to show that our Sports for All Commission is actually working.

I hope and I expect to receive the necessary support from our member federations as this is part of our IOC recognition requirements, demonstrating our Sports for All Commission is working. We are
looking to have unified teams of SOI/IPF lifters from the same nation. We have different nations that we will add the teams together -- SOI lifter from one nation and IPF from another nation. We will also be happy to work with member federations that have blind lifters. We will be finalizing the project in Pilsen and we will announcement to you there. Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you in Pilsen.

Best regards,
Gaston Parage
IPF President

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