FISU recognition

FISU President Matytsin Oleg, IPF President Parage Gaston, Ivanov Sergey (IPF Russia)

Dear Athletes, Officials and IPF Member Federations,

Today is a great day for the IPF, our sport and most importantly our University students. Today, FISU sent a letter to the IPF officially granting us recognition and membership to their organization. This decision is a big step forward for Powerlifting, especially concerning our application for the IOC recognition, as FISU is an IOC recognized organization.

Last year, the IPF decided to start with the World University Cup. For this year and last year, FISU granted to us the patronage for both World University Cup Championships. As a result of all of our hard work, the IPF has now been honored by FISU granting us the membership.

Now that we have recognition, the next step will be for us to become a part of the World University Games, which is held every two years, which are similar to the World Games. We will get right to work with FISU on a partnership agreement to host each the IPF/FISU University World Championships and to become part of the World University Games. Count on it.

The IPF is quite pleased the doors are now opening for our sport, especially for our university students. I am very proud that we reached this goal for our athletes, our coaches, our officials and our member federations!

To close, special thanks go to Mr. Oleg Matytsin, the FISU President the FISU EC Members for reviewing and approving our application to become an FISU member. We will make sure that they can be proud of our lifters and our sport! Powerlifting, a sport for all!

Thank you once more.

Sincere regards,

Gaston Parage
International Powerlifting Federation

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