Passing of Johnny Wahlqvist

Dear IPF Community,

It is with deep regret that we announce the loss a great man from within our IPF family, Mr. Johnny Wahlqvist. Johnny represented Sweden at multiple IPF World Championships. He totalled over 1,000kgs in equipped powerlifting and bench pressed 335kgs (equipped) achieving several World Championship Medals. He was also a European Bench Press and Powerlifting Champion. Johnny was arguably the kindest and most charismatic lifter in the room and had an enormous positive impact on many of today’s lifters and officials alike. Johnny suffered an Atrial Fibrilation and passed away at the age of 43.

On behalf of the IPF Community, we extend our deepest sympathies to Johnny’s family, friends and fans as we salute him for embodying the values that IPF Athletes strive to represent. He will be missed dearly.

IPF President, Mr. Gaston Parage and the Executive Committee.

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